WrestleMania 34: Dead man alive, Rousey to kick McMahon
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WrestleMania 34: Dead man alive, Rousey to kick McMahon

The sounds of bells ringing and darkness in the entire arena, that’s how we remember WWE , the Undertaker and most of the WrestleMania events. Stages have been set, ladders been polished and hammers are ready for the biggest event of the year which is being held in New Orleans.

WrestleMania, a one day event has now been streched to a week of long bouts. Though WWE has not announced any main event as usual, as they showcase many events as co-main events. Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns is what most people are looking forward to. Lesner the current champion is looking to get back in to the octagon of UFC, but these are speculations for now.

Roman Reigns is looking to lock in the championship, these two have faced each other earlier but the match was given a surprise ending when Seth Rollins entered and won the title instead.


This WrestleMania is going to big with Ronda Rousey, former UFC bantamweight champion making her WWE debut. She is joining teams with Kurt Angle to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The latter two from WWE real-life management only hired Rousey to embarrass her after confrontation in WrestleMania 31. This surely will be a nail biting match, Ronda rousey is filled with anger and is thinking to channel it all in this match.

The Dead man

WrestleMania is incomplete without the beloved Undertaker, though John Cena has been throwing insults at him since forever to get a match; nothing has been confirmed. John Cena hasn’t gotten a match but was given a chokeslam by Kane. Cena has promised to watch the WWE from the stands as a fan. But wouldn’t there be a roit if Undertaker was not fighting tonight. This seems like a planned surprise for the audience. If this does happen Undertaker is bound the crush Cena who has lost every match in 2018.

My prediction would be that it would be fun packed Sunday night, which will see Ronda and Kurt as winners, kicking the WWE management butt. Lets sit back and enjoy the show.

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