Women Can Now Kill Rapists_ Whatsapp, Facebook

Women can now kill rapists: Whatsapp, Facebook

We are in the age of fake news with an exception of Trump, because he just babbles fake news  whenever he gets a chance. Whatsapp and Facebook are the biggest entertainment and news channels right now, which allow anybody to post anything without any filter.

When Delhi was mourning for Nirbhaya some people were busy spreading fake news. The post read ‘ kudos to Modi government for passing a law (IPC 233) which enables any women to kill a rapist or somebody who attempts something like that’. I think we still have to wait for the kudos , nothing from my side until those criminals are sentenced to death Mr. Modi. It died down after sometime but is making rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp again after the terrible incidents in Kathua and Unnao. According to the posts a woman has the supreme right to kill a man if the man is involved in any gender violence against her, she won’t be charged for murder.

IPC 233

Actually this law is not even closely related to anything which involves killing rapists or anything. This law is related to production and selling instruments for counterfeit coins. The message is factually wrong and is misleading. We should all be very careful about what we post on Facebook or Whatsapp as it could affect someone in the wrong way.

Self defence law: IPC 100

To clarify this we did some research and found that there is a law of self defence which can be exercised by anyone man or woman. This is not a new law and has been around for a considerable amount of time. IPC 100 which states that ‘if your life is in danger then you have the supreme right to fight back’ and some of the clauses under which this law can be exercised are acid attack, attempt to acid attack, rape, attempt to rape and un natural lust.

The funny thing is that Bollywood movies have been using this law to solve many cases for a long time. So no kudos Modi ji, kudos to Bollywood. People before hitting the post button on Whatsapp or Facebook do see if the news is even real or not.

Dipinder Kathuria
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