What is your idea of life?

What would be your definition of life? If someone asks you to express all that you have experienced until this very day of your existence, what would your answer be? Looking back, you would probably find a plethora of bittersweet memories, for some the sweet would outweigh the bitter, for others it would probably be vice versa. So can Life have a common definition for all?
I think not.
The quote ‘ Life is what you make of it ‘ holds true if you are an optimistic prick, if you are someone who believes that his/her abilities are paramount and no other force of nature plays even the remotest part in what happens to your life, then the above mentioned quote would probably bring you solace.
What about people who believe in Destiny? There are two kinds of people who fall in this category, one, who are borderline pessimists, who blame everything happening to them on paranormal/supernatural things and the second, the happy go lucky kind who live by the philosophy of ‘Toh kya ho gaya, dekha jayega ‘ these are the people who acknowledge the fact that destiny does play a role but its influence is not absolute.
And what about the ‘butterfly effect’, the theory that argues that life is so intricately connected that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly in one part of earth can bring about a catastrophe in some other part situated thousands of miles apart.
No matter under which of the above category you place yourself in, Don’t sweat it, cuz I will let you in on a little secret, you are not stuck with this. Your attitude, your beliefs, your thoughts, They are all going to change, if you don’t believe me, look around, observe the children and then observe the elderly. Look at the carefree prancing of the children and then look at the careful calculated steps of the elderly.
and what about GOD?
Have you ever noticed, that when you are young, your romance with GOD is like your relationship with your ex, the only time you miss them is when you are lonely, depressed or feeling unwanted. What changes then after you have reached a certain age? Is it the fear of dying ? Or does GOD helps you fill that empty hollow feeling in your heart?
I’m sure a lot of us have seen old grandmothers feeding birds and squirrels, its such a noble deed yet why do most of the people only resort to this at an age when there is really nothing else to do.
Some people turn to spirituality to find a purpose in life. Others question the very notion of having to search for a purpose, these people whose philosophy is quite similar to hedonism believe that life is for enjoyment and every second not spent in the pursuit of pleasure is a second wasted.
More and more people these days are seeking clinical help for depression, its primary symptom is an intense hollow feeling and a notion that their life is not worth anything. How much truth is there in this feeling? And what exactly are you supposed to make your life into? After what achievement will you finally get a sense of satisfaction?
A lot of time and money has been spent researching on these questions, various studies and reports have come with varied answers but the fact remains that since no concrete evidence has emerged from any of these reports, humans will continue to hold on to notions of life as they deem fit and as long as their own beliefs do not encroach on someone else’s, this varied response to life is something to be cherished, don’t you think ?

Arnav Khagta
Procrastinating Soul, Chemical Engineer by profession, Dreamer by nature ;-)

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