Van ploughs through crowd in toronto: Has terrorism reached Canada?
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Van ploughs through crowd in toronto: Has terrorism reached Canada?

Canadians were finally free from the cold weather, but the air after today’s incident is colder than ever. A rental Van ploughs through crowd of people walking on the pedestrian path, killing 9 people and severely injuring 16 others. Worst day of the year for Canada but what made the guy do this, this question still remains unanswered. Terrorism or not the incident is still horrific.

At around 1:30 a white rental van which was accelerating at a high speed got out of control and ran over almost 25 people near Yonge and Finch in north york. Many people were saved by the heroic acts of the first responders. The person responsible for this horrible act was identified later in the day as Alek Minassian. According to reports, he was a student at Seneca College in Toronto. Police are still trying to find what made this 25-year-old commit this act of terror.

Yonge and Finch

Yonge and Finch is a highly populated area with a number of 24-hour open restaurant. This means that the streets are as busy as downtown Toronto. So if it was an act of terror it was well planned. This area also houses a lot of students and immigrants, the names of the victims have not been released yet but according to speculations many of them would be students.

Code orange was issued at Sunnybrook Hospital due to the number of casualties and other hospitals extended their support. According to a rep at the hospital number of the casualties had amputations.

The suspect tried to flee the scene of the crime. The crime scene is longer than a km. This resulted in closing down of Yonge and Finch and subway lines near the affected the area. Videos showing the incident have emerged online showing a standoff between a cop and the armed suspect. The brave cop can be seen handling the situation very calmly and disarming the suspect without firing a shot.

Toronto has not been placed on high alert but security has been tightened around the city as a precaution.

Our prayers are with you Canada.


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