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Trumps Acts Jolly for the Next Summit with Kim!

Trump to meet Kim Jong Un in upcoming summit in 12th June!

In June, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will have face to face meeting with the U.S President Donald Trump in Singapore. The South Korean President believes that this meeting with US president would probably bring a stop to the history of war amongst the 2 nations. He also said that he is also ready to cooperate for bringing peace and prosperity among the nations.

The meeting that was held on Saturday brought a remarkable turn within a week of diplomatic ups/ downs that surrounding the scenario for an unparalleled summit between North Korea and the United States.

A North Korea’s state news agency, KCNA on Sunday stated that Kim has articulated “his will” on the prospect of meeting Donald Trump. The U.S president, in the meantime, indicated about the ongoing preparations for 12th June’s summit with Kim, South Korea’s president was going ahead, in spite of having called off the meeting previously.

A statement by Mr. Moon came in that he and Mr. Kim have mutually agreed to successfully conclude the summit of 12th June”. Mr. Moon further said that the North Korean leader had yet again cleared his pledge to a “complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula”. However, Mr. Moon said that Mr. Kim was not certain about Trump that whether they will guarantee the constancy of his government.

The statement that Trump issued by indicating was “We are doing very well for the summit that is going to be held with North Korea,” spoken at White House. “It is moving very smoothly and nicely. So, we are looking forward to being in Singapore on June 12th and the plan hasn’t changed yet. Let’s see, what happens.”

Earlier, on Thursday, Trump flustered the region by calling off his 12th June meet with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. However, within a span of 24 hours, he reversed his decision, saying things could still move ahead after he had productive talks with North Korean officials.

Apparently, the Trump’s government has demanded from North Korea to completely and permanently shut down its nuclear weapons agenda.

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Well, American officials are completely doubtful about whether Kim will seriously abandon his nuclear weapons or not. On the other side, North Korea also seems to be not convinced that it can totally trust security assurances from the United States. Let us wait for Trump to meet Kim.

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