Trump Tower Caught Fire second time this year!
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Trump Tower Catches Sets Ablaze, One Reported Dead!

On April 7, 2018, U.S President Donald Trump’s Midtown in Manhattan Skyscraper was caught on fire this Friday. As per reports, when fire broke out in an apartment of Trump Tower in New York City, one man was declared dead and six fire fighters have been injured. Out of the injured, two are set to have been badly sustained injuries with burns and the rest one sustained other kind of injuries which were quickly treated. The incident that took place at 6 pm started at 50th floor, as said by fire officials, who later declared the fire as “a difficult fire”. At one point of the tower, debris could be seen flaming and exploding out of the windows, thus falling on the ground.

According to FDNY, it responded to the three fire alarm fire that didn’t cause any injuries until6:27pm, but the level of the fire was later upgraded to four level fire alarm, 30 minutes later.

Later on, a tweet written by the president of US, Donald Trump thanking the firefighters for putting up their efforts in extinguishing the fire in less time.

The tweet that came at 6:42pm ET stated that” Fire is out”! Very confined (well build up construction) Firemen along with the women did a great job”. Thank You!

At around 7, there were reports from FDNY claiming that the situation was under control. However, fire officials said that we won’t consider the condition under control until the smoke that has spread improves.

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Well, it is for the second time in this year that Trump Tower has been trapped under fire. Earlier, the incident took place in January when vents on the roof ruptured into flames due to an electrical issue that came into light, as per reports. The fire at Trump Tower that broke resulted in 3 injuries, although, the FDBY later claimed the situation to be quick, routine, and easy.

According to New York Daily News, Fire officials believe that the residential unit lacked in having enough fire sprinklers.

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