Here’re Top 5 Android Apps of 2018 that You Need To Check Out!

Here’re Top 5 Android Apps of 2018 that You Need To Check Out!

Hey people! Hope you are doing well! Well, we know that the first quarter of the year has already passed, but we thought why not to share some of the happening apps that are hitting Android users’ phone considerably due to their popularity and extensive features. Although, that might be a part of your phone’s hit list, but we still thought to bother you in case you have missed any of these among the top 5 Android Apps of 2018.

So, here’s a checklist that is must have if you are an Android phone user:

1. Whatsapp Messenger: Whatsapp is highly popular messaging application that is used by millions of people across the globe due to its user-friendly interface and features it offers. This Facebook owned free application does almost everything for its users. In a last few years, the application has included a wide variety of impressive features to attract users. Some of the popular features that Whatsapp has previously added to its list other than messaging option, sharing pictures, audios, documents, etc, includes switching between Video Calling, voice Calling, adding group descriptions to groups, live location, etc.

2. Picsart Photo Studio: Are you a photogenic person and love clicking pictures along with beautifying it? Well, if yes, then Picsart is the right take for you as it helps you do a lot many things through a medium of single application. From creating collage, shapes, adding filters and frames, everything is available through this application on the go

3. Fitbit: For all fitness freak who are yet unaware of this influential application, let me tell you that it can prove to be pocket pick wherever you will go. This application is specially designed for those who want to monitor their daily exercises, keep log of food intake, and even who want to compete with their fitness friends.

4. Spotify: Using an Android phone of any pricing and features without having a music app won’t serve your purpose. Isn’t? Well, we know, every one of you might want to listen to music some time a day, and if it is and you are looking for an android app to play music, then Spotify is the right choice for you. Apart from just playing music, this app can help you reach world music. From creating albums, favourite music, as well as create playlist.

5. Duolingo: This is another popular app that is quite common these days. This apps lets you practice your writing skills, speech, and listening while you’re playing the game. This is the best application for those who have zest to improve their vocabulary and grammar skills. You also get an advantage of learning new words through this influential application.

So, I hope till now you might have also realized that how influential these android applications are for you and can help you wherever you go. There are various other applications that you can also give a try to including Mint-Money App, Headspace-meditation app, GrubHub-Online food order app, etc. Give a try to these apps and keep the world in your pocket!

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