Top 2018 Phones: Welcome To The Future

Top 2018 phones: Welcome to the future

A funny thing about phones, you can never have the latest one since a new phone is launched every month. The phone industry has evolved a lot in a short timeframe of 10 years, from keypad phones to touch phones to fingerprint sensors and the latest one face scanner. Every feature has evolved to an extent that now it has got us thinking whats next in the future. End of 2017 saw the launch of the Apple flagship. With Samsung and Apple battling for marketshare LG, Google and Moto are not too far in the race. They are actually giving these big companies a run for their money. Let’s check out the best phones on the market right now.

Samsung S9

The best android phone on the market right now period. The 5.8 inch screen, the gorgeous dual curved design and an amazing camera will definitely make you fall in love with it. Wireless charging and water resistance make it a complete package. Some of the downsides of the phone are poor image quality in low light environment and the face id being highly insecure. This phone is definitely better than S8 but not worth spending the extra dollars. Priced at $719.99 this phone is a good option for older android version users.

Samsung S9 plus

Just a notch higher than S9 but does curb the poor picture quality with its dual camera. The potrait pictures are great but the dual camera leads to overexposure in low light environment in auto mode. Bigger screen size gives you a better view of media and a better battery backup than the you more screen time.This phone is more robust than the S9 and should be the option for power users but is it worth spending the extra $120? Well sometimes you just like something isn’t.

Apple IPhone X

Apple users follow it like it’s a religion, with long lineups outside the Apple stores before the launch of every phone makes me wonder what makes people so crazy about these phones. This phone is a game changer for Apple, no home button, no fingerprint scanner but change is good right? Well its upto people to decide. The gorgeous OLED screen ,the face scanner and the wireless charging makes it a complete package. The only downsides of the phone are the cost and battery life lower than the plus models. This pricey phone is a no-no without an insurance add on to your plan. The bottomline is that it’s a revolutionary phone but with the price tag and need for change some people might not go for it.

LG V30

This phone gives samsung wet dreams, with a fast processor, a big OLED screen, great camera, excellent battery life and waterproof body LG has made the most economical and loaded phone ever. Due to the big size, it’s not ergonomically perfect and the camera has some slow autofocus. With a price tag of $800 this phone is a strong rival of Samsung. 6 inch LG V30 is a dream, made of glass and aluminum. 3300 mAh battery is better than the Samsung S9 and gives you additional screen time. The wide angle capture makes the pictures better than beautiful. This phone has the best headphone jack ever, which makes your music richer and clearer. With the price and the qualities my bets are on LG.

One plus 5T

For half the price of the above mentioned phones you get all the features , fast processor, fingerprint scanner, face id and a great camera. An ergonomically great phone priced at $530, this deal is a steel. Though the Face id is not secure for payments and even opens with sunglasses on or even from a print out on paper. It is set to have Andriod Oreo 8.0 which will make it even faster and glitch proof. This phone is not waterproof which is big disadvantage.

According to the rumors and leaks Avengers edition Oneplus 6 is launching in May, it is going to be the best phone ever. With advanced features like face id, fingerprint scanner and water resistance they might as well as just throw in a bendable screen, who knows. These are just rumors for now, the only thing confirmed is that this phone is going to give the big players nightmares.

Google pixel 2

One of the best in class with amazing picture quality and speedy google updates, this phone is priced at $745. Its water resistant and has the best camera on an android phone till date. The pictures are great but the portrait mode is not as good as it’s competitors. Lack of a wireless charging option and a missing headphone jack are a major setback for this phone. No need of a DSLR with this phone in the vicinity. Squeeze for OK Google, this feature is great and lets you open google assistant on the go. This phone is a fan favourite due to its regular updation and it’s camera. This phone has speed and doesn’t lag which is the most important thing in any phone. According to reports Pixel 3 is coming out in October 2018.

Oh god, i hope someday you can custom make your phone. I would get the anti-virus capability and face id of Apple, camera of Google pixel, battery of S9 plus and headphone jack of the LG.


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