Russia Warns US of gravest Consequences if takes Military Actions over Syrian Military Attack!
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Russia Warns US of gravest Consequences if takes Military Actions over Syrian Military Attack!

In a suspected chemical attack that took place in Douma in Syria has left killing at least 70 people. According to reports and rescuers, this was the last rebel town in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta where the attack took place. From the graphic images that were received by Volunteer rescue force showed that several bodies were found lying in the basement area. It further stated that death toll may increase.

Looking forward to the undergoing situation, Russia has warned U.S to be ready for gravest consequences in case they use any foreign power or military actions over Syrian chemical attack. The statement came in just after when President of United States, Donald Trump said condemning the situation of Syria that there would be a “Big price to pay” for the atrocity” caused in the mindless attack over Syria.

While in a statement conducted by one of the security advisors of Trump said on Sunday that the US will not be ruling out launching of another missile attack. He further said “I would not take anything off the table, “we are looking into the attack that happened, “he said adding photos that the incident was horrible”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned to take military actions if invented and fabricated news were spread out. This was said in response to the cruise missile attack that U.S had done on Syrian air base last year in an answer to sarin gas attack that took place in north western Syria.

Russia further denied by saying that Syrian government forces had deployed chemical weapons in the city of Douma that caused to such situation. By saying so, Russian President Bashar al-Assad has turned the situation into his side. However, Syria’s state media has completely denied saying that government forces haven’t launched or had tempted to launch any chemical attack. Well, what sources have said is that Douma is in the state of complete shock and this is the reason why they are spreading such fake news.

Earlier, a joint statement conducted by medical relief organization, civil defence service, and Syrian American Medical society (SAMS) operating in such rebel held areas said that at least 49 people have lost their lives in the Syrian attack that took place on Saturday.

For now, the “area of massacre” is in lockdown and surrounded by Syrian Army to make it inaccessible for the outside world.

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