OnePlus 6 check out the latest leaked specifications and pictures

OnePlus 6 check out the latest leaked specifications and pictures

We live in an age where phones have become a status symbol. Funnily the fight has shifted from who has a bigger screen to who has a better camera or face, fingerprint scanners. The millennials have seen the phones evolve, from VGA cameras to now 20-30 megapixels from key pads to capacitive touch to feather touch. Mobile industry has grown faster then even the computer industry which took some 25-30 years to get where it is today. The main focus of the people is to always have the latest phone. After promising response of OnePlus 5T, they are back with OnePlus 6. Though the company has kept most of the specs of the phone under wraps, we still managed to get some information and one thing is for sure this phone is going to take over a big percentage of android and ios market share.


OnePlus 5T comes with a great camera, but the company decided to take it a notch higher by installing a dual 20 megapixels and 16 megapixels camera in
OnePlus 6. Even the front camera is 20 megapixels which means girls this is your dream selfie camera. It’s worth noting that the specs match with Oppo R15 which is the flagship phone of Oppo. This makes even more sense as both the companies are linked.


Oneplus 6 comes with a 3450mAh juice box , slightly higher then the 3300 mAh battery in OnePlus 5T. According to sources the OnePlus 6 will not have wireless charging feature which could be one of the drawbacks of the phone.


It has become quite evident from all the leaks online and official reports that the new OnePlus 6 will be packed with Snapdragon 845. With a RAM of 8 GB, 256 GB storage and this dragon under the hood this phone will be lightning fast. There will be cheaper versions with lower configurations in market. Android 8.1 Oreo will be available in OnePlus 6OnePlus has been boasting the speed of it’s flagship phone ‘The Speed you Need’ on various platforms.

Oneplus has worked a lot on their face recognition and fingerprint scanning features. The OnePlus 6 could have a screen embedded fingerprint scanner, but it’s too soon to say. One thing is for sure they will have a face recognition which will be better or atleast at par with the IPhone X.

Oneplus is going to retain the headphone jack, they have also confirmed that they are looking to launch a line of Bluetooth headphones. Oneplus bullet headphones are rumoured to be released along with the phone.

But the most important question, is it going to burn a hole in your pocket? No. Definitely it would be a few dollars more then the OnePlus 5T which will cover for the add on features we will have. You could be looking at a $600-650 figure when it hits the shelves.

Apple and Samsung won’t even know what hit them when this phone will come out. This phone is going to be the game changer phone for OnePlus, well atleast we hope so right.


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