Nokia a not so brick phone anymore

Nokia a not so brick phone anymore – Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia 7 plusNokia is back in the market with a bang. With new models like Nokia 6, Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 sirocco. The phone company which used to be the dream of every kid once, lagged behind because it couldn’t keep up with the new technology. Samsumg, Apple and various other companies led to Nokia’s death. But this year is all about Nokia’s reincarnation, loaded with the android operating system it will surely do some wonders, lets not get our hopes too high before we actually see how it does in the market. Will it actually convert customers that’s the big question?

Nokia 7 plus

This phone is built to last, we remember as kids when we were using the Nokia 3315 which were unbreakable. So this phone is all that but with superior craftsmanship. Made out of a single aluminium block its as solid as it gets. The copper edges separate it from the rest of the competition. Quite sharp edges, a big display 18:9, a polished metal body and a black-copper will surely have the heads turned.

The display streches 6 inches diagonally and leaves some space at the top and bottom which is different from the trend right now. HMD has used an IPS LCD display with full HD resolution. With corning Gorilla Glass 3 it is very difficult to break the screen,  but due to the big screen size it’s not a one hand phone.

The first in India to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset, this along with 4 GB RAM and a pure stock andriod means that this phone is super fast. It doesn’t lag or stutter or freeze so game away my friends. The battery is 3800mAH which could last you up to 2 days. The storage space is 64 GB which can be expanded upto 256 GB at the cost of a 2nd sim card slot.

Nokia boasts a 13 megapixels front camera and a dual camera at the back. The picture quality is good, but would it be at par with oppo F7; we will find out soon enough. The thing that old Nokia users will like is the Nokia pro camera app. This app is very user friendly and takes some great quality pictures. This phone can fire all 3 cameras simultaneously for BOTHIE shots which is quite impressive.

Price tag on this phone is INR 25,999 which is a speck more based on the spec checklist. The competition of this phone would be with Oppo F7 and Moto X4. These phones have been known for their great camera quality and ease of use. The Nokia’s future lies greatly on its reliability and superior design.

Nokia 7 plus would be available for prebooking from April 20 and would be available by April 30.

This phone scores high markes for build quality but looses some on ergonomics. Brick or not this phone does bring back some Nokia memories!!!

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