Happy Mother’s day

Mother’s day | History of Celebrating Motherhood

Mother’s day has had a great deal of importance since the early 20th century. Mothers are the pillars of our life, they never stop doings things for us even when they are old.

History of Mother’s day

Mother’s day was first celebrated in 1908, when a memorial was held by Anna Jarvis  for her mother at St. Andrew’s methodist church in West Virginia. Anna Jarvis was a peace activist who helped wounded soldiers from the both sides during the American civil war. She created Mother’s day health clubs to address public health issues. She believed that Mother’s must have a special day to celebrate all their hardwork. She said that Mother’s do more for you than anyone in the world. But eventually she started boycotting Mother’s day due to its commercialization. She believed that love for the mother should be expressed using hand written letters and handmade things.

Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates throughout the world. Mother’s day 2018 is being celebrated on May 13.

To Honor Anna Jarvis and all the mother’s in the world I have written a small poem that describes her journey through life.

Mother’s day

There are so many days to celebrate love, but she definitely needs a special day. This is for all the Mommies out there…

The best woman I know

It’s a story, a way of life

Yes she does transform our life

It’s the best woman we know

Who never leaves you low

Takes care of you no matter what

Always by your side no matter what

Her life is a story, a way of life

I am always short on words when i tell her story

She is the one who makes us capable of shining in our story

All those all nighters when we are sick

Listen to all our stories and never gets sick

Teaches us how to talk

Picks us up when we can’t walk

Her life is a story, a way of life

It all changes when we get a husband or wife

But she takes all this boldly

Never ever says a word sadly

We ignore her, leave her in old age homes

She is the one who makes home, home

Even after this she still could give her life for you

Even though it doesn’t matter to you

You are this bossy figure now

Who doesn’t care about anything but you

You are rich and successful now

Then you have kids and wow

Without even knowing 30 years have passed

And you are sitting in this old age home now

Thats when reality strikes and you curse, and feel like shit

But then you remember her, who didn’t cry a bit

You are sad, shattered and lonely 

but most of all sorry for hurting that lady so lovely

Then you wake up it’s all just a dream

Run to your parents room and kiss her

I will never leave you , i will never hurt you

Then you understand her story of life..which is a way of life


Thanks mom for always being there. Happy Mother’s day

Dipinder Kathuria
Poet in the body of an engineer. In Canada since 2015, right now working as a supply chain professional at a hospital. Travelled most of India, lived in the UK for some time. Lived in an engineering hostel for 2 years so have a lot of fun stories.

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