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Jurassic World : The Fallen Kingdom | Cast | Plot | Review

Dinosaurs will be 25 years old this month, with Steven Speilberg celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first installment of the franchise. Some of us were just kids when the first movie Jurrasic Park was released and blew our minds. With big and scary dinosaurs it was all over our minds. Many of us have watched these movies over and over 100’s of times. Jurrasic World- The Fallen Kingdom is the 5th installment of the franchise and the release date of Jurrasic World is 22 June 2018 but has already released on 6 June 2018 in the UK.


Jurrasic World: The Fallen Kingdom plot and storyline

As we can remember from the last Jurrasic World where the park is destroyed by the genetically modified dinosaur, the dinosaurs are then left alone on the island. Jurrasic World the fallen kingdom has a timeline jump of 2-3 years. The dinosaurs are prospering without any human interference but the twist comes when the dormant volcano threatens to wipe out the dino population. Some of the pro-dinosaur ecologist’s campaign to save these creatures from extinction. Sir Benjamin Lockwood, former partner of the park’s founder John Hammond is planning to evacuate the island and move all the dinosaurs to Shangrila island where they can be left alone. In order to facilitate this Sir Benjamin hires Eli mills who can get the old Claire, Owen Gang together. Claire and Owen become a couple at the end of the previous movie installment but during the time between Jurrasic World the fallen kingdom and the previous Jurrasic world they have broken up. This movie shows them getting all cute together again. They team up and return to the island of the dinosaurs to save them. After reaching there they find that they and the dinosaurs are pawns of an evil scheme by the money hungry people. Owen and Claire find that there a whole new species of dinosaurs which are more powerful and scary than the last one. There is a good dino bad dino story in this installment. The movie has been left with an open ending which means that there are more dinosaurs in the future.

Jurrasic World: The fallen kingdom cast

For most of the parts, the cast is the same with Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Patt is Owen in Jurrasic World. Well some fans are still angry at his to destroy the world avengers part, but that is just classic  Peter Quill. Claire is played by Bryce Dallas Howard who plays the damsel in distress. She manages the pull of a heroic act when it is much needed in the movie. James Cromwell, Prince Philip from the Queen plays the part of Sir Benjamin. Sir Benjamin’s granddaughter plays an important role in the movie. The newcomer Isabella Sermon. The main role in the movie is played by the CGI dinosaurs which are the essence of the movie.

Jurrasic World: The fallen kingdom Review

The fans follow Jurrasic world as a religion because it has been around for so long which means they have really high expectations from the movie. The 25-year-old idea of humans trying to control dinosaurs and then dinosaurs becoming a threat is not the idea of this film. Jurrasic World the fallen kingdom deals with dinosaurs being under threat from humans. This sounds like a new idea but the entire future depends on how scary and big the dinosaurs are. Director JA Bayona makes the plot more interesting by adding the genetic twist concerning the dinosaurs and not the humans. This twist will become the initiator of new Jurrasic world movies to come. The movie is quite entertaining but the only problem is that Dinosaurs no longer create the scare and awe like they used to in the 90’s. Even Chris Patt looks a bit tired after being held responsible for the extinction of half of the universe (check out the review of Avengers here). The movie looks like an iteration of the previous installments with dinos in cages being fed goats. The movie has some good punchlines. We would give this movie a 3.5/5 just because of the scary dinosaurs which roar with a special review demanding way. Though among all the dinos my money is on ‘blue’ the friendly raptor.

Jokes aside if you are a fan, then it is a must watch and even if you are not what the hell are you doing, go watch and become a fan. Dino’s rule!!!

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