Here’s World’s Largest Replica of Titanic Built by a Boy Having Autism!
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Here’s World’s Largest Replica of Titanic Built by a Boy Having Autism!

A 10-year-old boy from Reykjavik in Iceland and suffering from Autism proved that if you have the zeal to do something then nothing can stop you over. This little guy made world’s largest replica of doomed Titanic in about 700 hours and 11 months and it is about to make its debut on Monday at Titanic Museum Attraction based in Pigeon, Tennessee.

Brynjar Karl Bigisson, now a 15-year-old boy, assembled the imitation of doomed Titanic having 56,000 Lego bricks. The replica is 26 feet longand 5 feet taller. The boy in an interview said that when he was just 5, he remembers playing with Lego for so many hours. He further stated that” I sometimes use to build taking instructions and sometimes used my own imagination”.

While sharing his journey, Brynjar Karl Bigisson said that he was earlier obsessed about trains, but later on turned his mind towards the ship. He said that his Grandfather, Ludvik Ogmundsson, once took him for fishing and there onwards, it developed a spark in him about shipping. And by the time, he reached at the age of 10; he started knowing everything about Titanic. Then onwards, he decided to build his own Lego man size model of Titanic.

The project that has been made is basically a family affair, as his mother helped him out while grandfather being an engineer created a blueprint of Titanic of Lego size, thus helping him get an idea of how many bricks would be required to build a model.

He further praised his mother saying “If she had never stood in my support to complete this dream project, it would have never become a reality”. Apart from that, donations from friends and family were what enabled him to purchase Lego bricks for his dream project.

Although, Brynjar Karl Bigisson initially had a lot of difficulty in communicating that made him feel lonely and unhappy, but he said that by building a replica of Titanic twisted my life as I was able to embrace autism. Not only this, I was able to build confidence in myself and now I am able to give interviews about my accomplishments.

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