H1-B Visa Applications Comes To A Historic Low!
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H1-B Visa Applications Comes to a Historic Low! Check Why!

H-1B is one of the most popular non-immigrant visas which help US companies to hire international workers in field occupations through technical and theoretical expertise. Various technology based companies rely on it to employ thousands of employees from across China and India, each year. However, it has become a big concern for both employers and employees as in this years’ hiring cycle, there was a 43% drop observed in H-1B visa applications, amid the tightening of norms by the US. In the filing process that began on April 2, 2018 reached the historic low, as the US citizenship and immigration services(USCIS) got just 1,90, 098 petitions that included the ones for advanced degree indemnity. After 2007, this is lowest petition received, as it was earlier 3, 14, 621. Although, USCIS hasn’t given any comments over the drop on visa applications, however, the most quarters agree that it is all because of the IT companies in India that is facing sharp scrutiny.

Trump Change in Rules:

The administration of Trump has made in a number of changes in H-1B visa, thus narrowing the rules. This includes:

  • Unlike a 3 year tenure that was running formerly, H-1B visas will only be given to the beneficiary, if he/she has specified work in the United States.
  • During the tenure period, the visa holders won’t be able to migrate in between the firms/projects in America.
  • In case any duplicate application is being filed for 1 candidate or if one is requesting pre/earlier employment will be rejected.
  • Also, for most of the visa holders, premium procession has been suspended too.

How Will It Affect Employers?

The strictness brought in the H-1B visa rules has affected Indian consulting firms who were on the top for deluging the visa applications. According to San Francisco record, the filings of visa applications have dramatically reduced. We would like to state that Indian companies usually charge around 3.9 lakhs for applications that is anyway higher amount than any other firms around the country

End Results:

USCIS is in full swing and have started returning visa applications. It also claimed the cap for present year was reached within a time span of 2 days. UCIS further stated that enough applications have been selected via lottery system for 2 times.  However, that doesn’t mean that applicants are through the entire visa process, instead the ones who are shortlisted would go through the screening test further. Well, till now what USCIS will do is that it will reject and return back the petitions that are unselected, until there is any violation in the rules.

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