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Forget GPS-Google Has Something New For You! Check Out!

Forget the Old GPS Feature. Google VPS is the New In

Have you ever been in a situation when you have to go for an important work to some new place and don’t know the direction? What do you do? You take out your phone to use GPS and enter the location. Suppose you enter move towards Market Street. The Google Map shows a blue dot guiding you with the direction. But what you have to hassle down with is that you don’t know which way is the south direction. What do you do? You start following the directions to see if it’s taking you in the right direction. If not, then you keep turning around here and there and end up missing your important tasks. It’s not only you who have been through such a mess, but many more around the world. So, google came up with new Google VPS (Visual Positioning System)

Well, to let you come out of this hassle, Google thought of using the camera to help you get the precise location. Google has been working on with its team to find out a better solution and it successfully came out with a revelation. Yes, it has come up with Visual Positioning System (VPS). Now, you must be thinking that how this unique and new feature from Google will work. Let’s help you understand a bit about Google VPS.

VPS or Visual Positioning System is similar to GPS but the only difference is that it helps the system look for visual features in the near surroundings to triangulate you and further guide in finding out the right direction or a place. Like if you open up your Phone Camera, it will instantly let you know where exactly you are. All the information on the map, for example, the street name, and directions will right be there to guide you reach your spot. Isn’t that astounding? What we do when we land at an unfamiliar place looking for visual landmarks like for storefronts, buildings, etc. to get a better idea. The same idea goes with VPS that uses visual features in the environment to do the same. So, that way it helps you figure out the exact location, you had been looking for.

All you need is the phone camera and you are good to go. Isn’t that something to cheer about? We know you all might agree with this. Well, for now, we all will have to wait for this exciting application, Google VPS to work on your phones.

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