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Google Backs Amazon under Smart Speakers Segment! Check Out!

Smart Speakers, the fastest consumer segment registered a growth of 210% in its first quarter of 2018. As per reports by Canalys, the total consignments of these speakers crossed 9 million units. Thus, it clearly indicates that Google has pip over Amazon for the very first time in this range of segment. The report also claimed that Google has shipped approximately 3.2 million of its Home Mini devices and Google Home in comparison to 2.5 million devices of Echo that was shipped by Amazon in 2018’s first quarter. However, if we talk about Alibaba, it finished attaining the third and remained on the 1st position in China by selling 1.1 million of its Tmall Genie speaker shipments in first three quarters only.

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Hattie He, the research analyst from Canalys said that “Alibaba has done its best to maintain a strong sales impetus from the time of 11.11 shopping festival in the 4th quarter that was held last year. As per reports, smart speaker sale to China was up consecutively with more than 60%. He further mentioned that there is a steady growth observed in “alertness of smart speakers” among consumers in China that is bringing hard competition for Alibaba.”

He further said that it is largely because of Tmall’s greater channel reach and powerful marketing capabilities of Alibaba that made them lead to success.”
Google is presently aiming to keep its focus on growing their market outside the market of US as well as hold their grip tight in newer markets. To do so, both Facebook and Google in the first quarter of 2018, shipped approximately 1.8 million devices to China. Followed by Korea and China, U.S is another country to mark its top position in the market of smart speakers.

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The main success of Google comes from other Indian that has another big market. It has explored itself by partnering with top service providers in India ACT Fibernet and Jio. Although Google might be one step ahead of Amazon who has occupied biggest consumer market, Amazon is striving hard to match the quality and quantity of Google at present.

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