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Game of thrones dead after 2019!!! Prequel vs Sequel

No other show has been so grand or so realistic in all the graphics than the mighty Game of thrones. Game of thrones has already been on for almost 10 years, but I think it is like a drug, once you are on it you can not get off of it. Anybody there who has not seen the show, there is one thing for you Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! in Cersei style oh wait you don’t even know the pun. So get up and go watch it. There is a good news, if you start watching 2 episodes every week you will be on track for the final season.

Game of thrones Season 8

We all had a blast while watching season 7 which was so power and dragon packed. We got so emotional when the dragon died ( which every season when somebody important dies), the oh f**k when dragon came to life and the kind of incesty happiness when Khaleesi and John Snow consumated there love. But seriously this was one of the best Game of thrones seasons ever, if you are on the same boat then you my friend should get ready for the 2 hour episodes of Season 8. We will see another great war after the Battle of the Bastards, the actual great war between the white walkers and humans( and some giants ).

Game of thrones season 8 is going to be HBO’s grandest project ever because of the money and talent cost associated with it. The scenes are going to be even more real. You know what they should do release it in the theaters for IMAX experience. Game of thrones series is the Golden goose of HBO. But what happens next, does the goose die after next year. HBO has made clear that this is the last season of the Game of thrones franchise which saddens all of us, but there is a silver lining. The royal rumble of the prequels just finished and we might just have a winner.

Age of heroes

Age of heroes, a probable name for the name of the next season which could release in end 2019 or beginning 2020. Though HBO has always been tightly lipped about the shows , we have managed to learn a little bit about it.

Royal rumble of the Game of thrones prequels

According to sources and HBO there were 5 possible contender storylines for the show out of which 4 have been given a no go after much thinking. The story of the 4 rejected are a mystery but the one being released has a probable name ‘ Age of heroes’. The story is set 10,000 years before the now Game of thrones timeline, which means we will get to see characters like Bran the builder and Lann the clever. These names have only been heard in the Game of thrones series.

Dragon stone

Dragon stone is fairly famous in the Game of thrones series, as most of the Game of thrones characters have been there once. Dragons are going to play a major and vital role in Game of thrones season 8, with one dragon becoming white walker, (white flier i would say) the others two have to fight their own brother which will definitely be a little heartbreaking and terrifying. The white flier dragon jas already broken the wall, so there is nothing that stands between the Night king and our beloved winterfell.

Talking about Age of heroes, they will definitely have dragons and lots of them, this means more Game of thrones prequel will definitely give us goosebumps.

As we know Game of thrones has already moved past the books, this means that Age of heroes will be a whole new level. Martin is definitely helping out with the storyline of the new upcoming Game of thrones prequel. Another fascinating fact about the new show is that it defeated the story of a younger Nedd stark and Robert to become a prequel. Yes that’s right Robert’s and Nedd’s story of the war, the mad king and everything which sounds so fascinating when Brian sees it. But who knows we might get another show which shows their story.

So whoever was thinking that it was an end of the Game of thrones era, it is the opposite. You know nothing John snows. Yeah baby we have some great Game of thrones stories which are still to be told. Just wait and watch.






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