Father’s Day: The day to celebrate the lesser known superhero

  • Father’s day has different significance in different parts of the world but what remains the same is the desire to celebrate fatherhood.

Father’s day history

In early catholic Europe 19 March became the day for celebrating Father’s day. The events dates back to the Middle ages. It was celebrated as the feast day of Saint Joseph who is popularly known as the fatherly Nutritor Domini (Nourisher of the Lord) in catholicism and “the putative father of Jesus” in Europeon tradition. Father’s day is still celebrated on March 19 on the day of Saint Joseph in some parts of the world. 

Outside of Catholic traditions Father’s day was not very popular until the 20th century. US inaugurated it as a civic holiday to complement mother’s day and celebrate male and father parenting.

While Grace Golden Clayton was still dealing with the loss of his father in December 1907 when Monangah Mining disaster which killed 361 men of which 200 were fathers. This horrific incident left  around a thousand children fatherless. Clayton asked her pastor Robert Thomas Webb if they could honor all those fathers. But it did not become official until it was celebrated in 1910 in Washington.

Fathers play a vital role in anybody’s life by helping us grow. This father’s day make your dad feel special by writing them a poem, making a card for them because if you put in some hard work to make them feel better they would be really happy. Go and hug your father if you can, tell him that he is your superhero.

Words can never be enough to express the gratitude, so we have written a poem to say thanks to all the fathers out there.

A man so high and mighty in our life

who helps us grow and be successful in life,

We see so many superheros all but fake

because he is the only real one to take

helping us take our first step

supporting us at every step

Never getting tired of our problems

sticking out his neck to save us from all problems

Does get angry sometime

But comes to kiss us goodnight everytime

His back has grown old of all the horse ride

Even after letting him down he says that he takes pride

He is one superhero who everyone forgets

His super power is to not forget

Put our needs over his

the best superhero he is

When we grow up he is the one offering our first drink

he is our best friend and would do anything for us in a blink

Thank you dad for always being there

Even when i wrong somewhere

Thank you for letting me be whatever

supported me my wildest dream whatsoever

Thank you for being the wheel of the family

Being a superhero when thats all what was needed by family

What i want to become when i grow up

is nothing less nothing more than you dad

i want my kids to love me when they grow up

getting through thick and thins like you dad


You are my superhero, dad and always will be… Thank you for being there.

Happy Father’s day






Dipinder Kathuria
Poet in the body of an engineer. In Canada since 2015, right now working as a supply chain professional at a hospital. Travelled most of India, lived in the UK for some time. Lived in an engineering hostel for 2 years so have a lot of fun stories.

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