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This summer Drake is going to sting | Scorpion | Tracks | What to expect

Drake has been quite busy this year and has already released 3 songs all of which have become massive hits. ‘God’s plan’, ‘Nice for What’ and ‘I am upset’ have secured the top spots in billboards and rankings all around the world. Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion’ is going to release friday 29th June, 2018. Experts have suggested that Scorpion is going to become a major hit as soon as it hits the market. This prediction is quite accurate considering Drake’s past record.

What to expect from Scorpion

Scorpion is definitely going to include all the hit singles of this year. With some of the songs Drake might get back at Pusha T who made references about Drake fathering a illegitamite son in ‘the story of Adidon’. It also featured artwork which showed Drake in a dark face. He had to make a public statement to clear out that controversy. Pusha even took aim at Drake old time buddies ‘Noah 40 shebib’ and his MS diagnosis.

Scorpion: side A and side B

It is rumored that Scorpion will have a side a and side b which means it will include both Rap and R&B. This speculation was given life by all the posters and billboards in Drake’s hometown Toronto saying Side A and Side B. He even announced on a podcast that it was a double album. This definitely means more fun for us.

The first hint of the album was dropped in 2017 via the final line of his project ‘More life’. He promised that he will be back in 2018 with the summary. An instagram picture of Drake surfaced in April 2018 indicating the release date of Scorpion.

How and where to listen Scorpion

Drake has always dropped music at midnight, Scorpion is going to be available on June 29, 2018 at midnight toronto time most probably. The album will be available on all major streaming platforms including itunes, spotify and apple music.

Artists in Scorpion

Drake has always surprised people by collaborating with a handful of artists in each album, but this time it could be even more than a handful. DJ khalid was seen wearing a Scorpion jacket which could mean that he is in the album or that he is just supporting an old friend. Long time producers/ friends of drake Noah “40” Shebib and Oliver El- Khatib will return to  the scene for this album. In the last album Drake had many guest appearences including Kanye, Quavo, Travis Scott, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Sampha, Giggs and Jorda Smith. Canadian Paul Enka said that he is going to have a song with Drake this year. It is also rumored that he worked with the Puerto Rican trap star Bad Bunny for a new single. He was also seen with the Nigerian artist Tekno in a studio.

Stranger things star Millie Bobby Brown was also seen wearing the Scorpion Jacket which could suggest that she us also making an appearence in one of the videos.

Songs in Scorpion

Drake has been tight lipped about the songs in the album but the 3 recent singles will definitely be on it. ‘Signs’ the song from the Paris fashion week could be on the album and the leaked song Pistols from 2017 could also be on the album.

Drake has already announced a Major North American tour with Migos and then there is the Ovo fest. This summer we will be seeing a lot of Drake, so guys be ready for some ‘Hotline blingScorpion style.

Drake Scorpion Album Tracks
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