Donald Trump Sore Trade Relation Regarding Trade in China!
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Donald Trump Sore Trade Relation Regarding Trade in China!

It seems to be a never ending trade war between the US and China. As the clash between the two countries continues to escalate day by day, the American President, Donald Trump is in sheer demand from China to complete its promises spelt for the revelation of China in 2030, as written in a joint report by the World Bank and Beijing, one among his former advisors mentioned in his statement.

Although, the trade war might be at its brink, but ordnance are yet to be fired. Looking forward to the tit for tat game between the two countries have already begin, a statement issued by USTR (US Trade Representative) on April 3 states that it has enforced a tariff of 25% on Chinese imports that are approximately worth 50$ billion. This initiative has been taken in response to unfair trade practices done by China i.e. forcefully transferring US intellectual property and technology. USTR also published a special handpicked projected list of Chinese products that could include additional tariffs.

However, in response to the US cruel step, China published its statement on its website in lure to answer the US, stating that the United States has clearly violated the fundamental principles of WTO. The Chinese foreign minister also mentioned that it will reciprocate the same terms on the US products.

Well, there are merely any chances for negotiation, but we hope the rising conflict between the two countries come to an end soon.


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