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The streaming giant Netflix is back with another installment of Thirteen Reasons Why and people just can’t get enough of it. 13 Reasons why Season 1 was released in 2017 and it showed the most serious problem that teenagers face in high school, bullying. Hannah the main character played by Katherine Langford in Season 1 faces bullying and assault at the hands of her classmates.  She gets so depressed that she decides to commit suicide. She leaves behind 7 tapes which have the 13 Reasons Why she killed herself on them. The performance of the 13 Reasons Why cast is so intense at times that you actually feel sad and angry. Entire season 1 tells Hannah’s side of the story in her words. The season ends with everybody finding out about the tapes and Bryce’s confession of Hannah’s rape. But what happens to Bryce, does he face his karma? Does Alex survive, or if Justin comes back? We will find all the answers in 13 Reasons Why Season 2. The season was released by Netflix on May 18, 2018. Let’s find out if 13 Reasons Why Season 2 is as good as Season 1 or better. 13 Reasons Why Cast is the same with some additions which will definitely add more spice to the show Another question to ponder upon is if it was really necessary. A lot of secrets of all the characters will be revealed in this show. In the end, we will also focus on 13 Reasons Why Review Season 2. Also, check out 13 Reasons Why soundtrack by Selena Gomez.

Thirteen Reasons Why Season 2 

 The new season is set 5-6 months after Hannah’s Suicide, everybody is still dealing with the repercussions of the suicide. Hannah’s character is played by Katherine Langford. Clay seems to be having the most difficult time as he is still in the denial stage. But in the beginning, it does seem that he has moved on from Hannah and is now in love with Skye. They are happy together and can be seen spending a lot of time together. 13 Reasons Why Review Season 2 sheds light on the necessity of the season 2.

The Law Suite

While everyone is still in shock for Hannah but some are repenting for what they did. The Baker’s had filed a lawsuit against the school for negligence and were given the option to settle. The main storyline starts when they reject the settlement and decide to pursue the case. This means that everybody who is on the tapes will be asked to testify. The only problem for the bakers is that they can’t reveal the tapes. Even though the lawyers and the police have heard the tapes, the case is not filed against Bryce as there is no physical proof.

The storyline of 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Clay and Skye
Clay and Skye

There is a new romance brewing at liberty high between Clay and Skye. In the end of Season 1 Clay can be seen pursuing Skye as he does not want to repeat the same mistakes. Hannah suddenly appears in the episode as they are making out which totally freaks out Clay. He thought that he is over Hannah now which is entirely wrong as she is still inside his head. Hannah played by Katherine Langford appears as a ghost in the show who can even talk to Clay. This leads to problems between Clay and Skye, which ends in Skye hurting herself and going to the hospital. As the lawsuit progresses witnesses are called upon by both the Bakers and the school to justify their point. The thing that bothers Clay even more is that he is not on the witness list. The first witness called by the bakers is Tyler. He is the stalker that Hannah mentions in one of her tapes. Tyler can be seen trying to repeat what he did by telling the truth about the school and the bullying that happens. He opens up about what exactly happened when he was taking Hannah’s photos. We find out that he never had any ulterior motives and was actually Hannah’s friend before Justin and Bryce leaked Hannah’s picture. He even tries to bring the bullying that happens at Liberty High to attention. After his statement, he is again harassed by Bryce and friends and even receives threats so that he doesn’t testify in court. In order to scare Tyler someone trashes the yearbook office. Skye leaves without telling Clay anything. The next person to take the stand is Courtney who is brave enough to tell the entire kissing incident and how she spread rumors about Hannah even though she was a great friend. Courtney admits that she is a lesbian and clarifies that Hannah was just kissing her because she wanted to support Courtney. Courtney mentions that Hannah was a great friend but she was unable to support Hannah when she needed it as she was too concerned about her image. 

Jessica the Drunk Slut 

Jessica-Davis(Alisha Boe)

The title says all about what happens to Jessica after Hannah’s tapes come out. She is finally trying to get back to her normal life which is a brave step after what happened to her. She is welcomed with a poster saying a drunk slut. Bryce spreads rumors about her that she hooked up with him and later denied as she felt guilty for cheating on Justin. She does not mention anything about her rape because she is very scared. When she testifies her words are twisted by the defense lawyer for the school. Hannah is labeled as a jealous person who ditched their friendship because she had a crush on the same guys which entirely false. Jessica is the main character in 13 Reasons Why Season 2. Clay and Hannah’s mom want her to tell the entire story about her rape which she finds very hard to do. She admits that it was her fault that the friendship ended and if she had been there for Hannah the result would have been entirely different. Chloe tries to scare Jessica by putting up pictures of Jessica and writing drunk slut on them.

Justin Foley is nowhere to be found, Clay and Tony try to locate him. Justin has been living on the streets for so long that he is unrecognizable. Justin can’t to back to his house as he stole money from her mother’s boyfriend. Clay hides him in his house and later on finds out that he is doing heroin now. With the help of Sheri and Tony, they detoxify Justin so that he is ready to testify in the court.

The New Netflix series 13 Reasons Why tackles a very serious problem of teenage life which is drug abuse and understanding what consent means. 

Marcus Cole the Student body president is the son of a politician who is only concerned about his image. He organized a dollar valentine club at Liberty high during the Valentine week. Hannah and Marcus go out on a date as a result of the dollar valentine. As Marcus takes the stand he manipulates the story of the date and says that Hannah came on to him and he rejected her. The real story is completely opposite as he tried to take advantage of Hannah as he thought she was easy. He even tries to project Bryce as a good student and says that Hannah was obsessed with Bryce. Even though this is not the truth 13 Reasons Why season 2 sheds light on a lot of secrets of Hannah which nobody knows. Also, Check out 13 Reason Why Review Season 2 at the end of the post.

Hannah’s Poems

Hannah Baker
Hannah Baker(Katherine Langford)

Hannah played by Katherine was a great writer and poet. She always wanted to go to New York and become a writer. Her mother never knew that she wrote a poem which had suicidal thoughts written in it. Ryan a friend of Hannah and also head of the poetry club finds Hannah’s ideas very interesting. In 13 Reasons Why Season 1 he can be seen trying to persuade Hannah to publish her poems but she rejects the idea as she is worried this would not be good for her already negative image in school. Ryan steals a page from her notebook and publishes her poem anonymously, but soon after the poem gets published people start hating Hannah more as they think that Hannah is just trying to gain sympathy. This brings about the end to Hannah and Ryan’s friendship. Ryan takes the stand and mentions that even though the poem had suicidal thoughts nobody from the school bothered to find out who wrote the poem as they thought it was quite common to have sad thoughts in teenage life.

Zach the secret lover 

Zach actually plays a vital role in Hannah’s state of mind and could have saved her from such a terrible fate. In the summer of the same year, Hannah took her life. Zach and Hannah dated for quite a while and even got physical quite a few times. It can be seen in the Netflix series that they were both first timers in terms of physical love. Hannah actually loved Zach and for a time it could be assumed that he had the same feelings but he was too afraid to say this in front of his friends. He never even introduces her as his girlfriend. According to 13 Reasons Why Season 2 he rejects the idea of Hannah meeting his friends and says that he wants to keep this personal. As the summer comes to an end so does their relationship. 

Zach was broken due to his father’s death and finds comfort sharing it with Hannah. Zach can be seen trying to repeat what he did by helping Alex.

The case of the Polaroids

Meanwhile, all this is going on in court, Clay finds Polaroids of Bryce sexually assaulting a girl while she is unconscious. He tries to find that place as he thinks that the location of the pictures is somewhere at the School. 13 Reasons why Season 2 focuses on the bullying which is done by the athletes. With the help of Sheri and Tony, he finds out about the Clubhouse where these Polaroids were taken. He soon finds another Polaroid in his locker which shows the same picture of Bryce assaulting an unconscious girl but in this picture, he can see her face and it was Chloe. This proves the sick state of mind of Bryce as he can sexually assault his unconscious girlfriend. With the help of Sheri, they get into the Clubhouse and find a box of Polaroids which proves that Hannah was not the only one. 

Stalker Photographer 

Meanwhile, all this is going on Tyler becomes friends with Cyrus and tries to take on the system. He hates the school for what happened to Hannah and what has been happening to him at school. They hack Marcus Cole’s I cloud account and find a compromising video of him with a stripper. They start blackmailing Marcus, and Marcus admits in front of the school that Bryce is a rapist. Tyler starts dating Cyrus’s sister. They go on a movie date but it does not go as planned and Cyrus gets pissed. Their friendship comes to an end when Tyler uploads the pictures of them ruining the field and spray-painting. Tyler is then sent to a correction place before he can come back to school.

The box of Polaroids is stolen from Clay’s car and Bryce takes the stand. He makes up stuff about Hannah and how she was obsessed with him. The truth is the complete opposite as he is one who tried to make moves on her even though she said that she considered him just a friend. A Polaroid of Hannah at the Clubhouse comes to light and Clay thinks that Hannah he knew was a lie. The ghost of Hannah pushes Clay to kill Bryce as nothing is happening in the court. The Netflix series takes an interesting turn when Clay and others confront Chloe about the clubhouse. Chloe agrees to testify against Bryce but as soon as she takes the stand he changes her statement. 

The Final Verdict

After all the statements, the final verdict is given by the Jury. They find the school not at fault for Hannah’s death. As the show approaches its final moments Justin tries to help Clay fight the depression. Justin is adopted by the Baker’s. 

Everybody tries to convince Jessica to come forward and testify against Bryce and after seeing what is happening in the court, how everyone is trying to save Bryce, she decides to file a case against Bryce. Justin joins her in the legal battle by giving a statement against Bryce about how he raped Jessica. 13 Reasons Why season 2 wraps with Bryce getting only 3 months probation. Everybody is angry at the verdict and Justin also receives probation for being an accessory to a crime.  

Back to School

Tyler comes back to school after the rehabilitation program and is welcomed by an angry group of athletes who assault him. He is so depressed that he tries to adopt violence as his last resort. 13 Reasons Why season 2 focuses on another issue which has been in the news for a while gun violence. Tyler packs up all the arsenal and drives to the school dance to kill everybody where he meets Clay. Clay tries to console Tyler and makes him understand that violence is not the answer. Tony picks up the angry and depressed Tyler from the school as we can hear the cop cars approaching. Clay is holding Tyler’s gun and the 13 Reasons Why season 2 concludes here.

13 Reasons Why Review Season 2

13 Reasons Why focuses on a lot of issues like bullying, assault, consent and gun violence. Though the portrayal is great it feels that they have not justified the scope of the script and at some places it looks as they have forcefully added unnecessary things in the show. 13 Reasons Why cast delivers great performances and that is what makes the show successful and watchable. In the beginning 2-3 episode it feels that it is an unnecessary continuation to 13 Reasons Why Season 1. But as the show progresses, the audience will feel connected to the show. We will rate the show a 7 out of 10 which is great. As it can be seen the show makers have left an open ending which means that there is a possibility of 13 Reasons Why Season 3. Hannah’s role was supposed to be played by Selene Gomez who has sung 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack but was later given to Katherine Langford. 13 Reasons why Review Season 2 suggests that it was a great installment but was not entirely necessary.

Though nothing has been confirmed regarding 13 Reasons Why Season 3 there is a possibility that it might still be based on Hannah’s story or could tell Tyler’s tale while he was in rehabilitation and what happened to him when he came back to school. Will Katherine Langford still play a major role? These are questions we will soon find answers to. The show’s future will be decided by 13 Reasons Why Review.



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