Check out the latest development in CBSE Exam paper leak!
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Check out the latest development in CBSE Exam paper leak!

CBSE Exam Paper Leak: 2 Bankers Held, Call JEE Exam Paper News as Fake!

A Una-based teacher, Rakesh Kumar who was allegedly found guilty of being associated with spilling Class 10th Mathematics as well as Class 12th Economics paper was arrested last week. The teacher who had a desire to become the principal of the school where he instructed was lured by his relative. She took his advantage by assuring him that she would get the work done if he helped her get the papers, an official to investigation said. Along with Rakesh Kumar who was later not involved in any monetary transactions, 2 others namely Amit Sharma and Ashok Kumar were also arrested in connection to the CBSE Exam paper leak.

Moreover, on Thursday, the police officials had come up with a statement claiming that 1 woman and 2 men are now behind the bars for leaking mathematics paper. These 3 of them were identified by the police as Om Prakash (58), a head cashier of Union Bank of India, Sheru Ram (35), the Branch Manager of the same bank, and a women in her 40’s who had done the proceedings of leaking the question paper of Class 12th economics and Class 10th Mathematics paper via social media application called as “Whatsapp”, from her phone that went viral on social media network, later.

The police officials are still investigating the matter and 60 people have already been questioned so far in this matter out of 10 are private tutors of coaching institutes.

Here’re a few more developments that have taken place with regards to CBSE Exam paper leak:

  1. CBSE has deposited the case report of Exam paper leak to the High Court

CBSE has sent the status report over Class 12th and Class 10th paper leak to the Delhi High Court and further various decisions have been taken by the court thereafter.

  1. Rumours running around JEE (Mains) 2018 exam leak has been called as fake.

CBSE has recently filed a complaint against the website owner, who runs a website with the name  had spread the news that a few questions of JEE (Mains) exam 2018 were from 2016 mock test papers, reports stated.

 CBSE later stated that no Class 10th paper would be re-conducted, while that of Class 12th Economics paper would be held on 27th April, this month.

Pic Credits : IndianExpress

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