Google’s New Podcast App for Android Phones!

Check Out Google’s New Podcast App for Android Phones!

Are you ready to experience the whole new Google’s Podcast App? This week, Google rolled out its new Podcast feature that would allow Android users to listen to Podcasts. The production company of the Podcast (Pacific Content Got the Exclusive) stated that “Google now uses Podcast show information as well episode listings in Google search results on Android phones. Notably, the feature also works on Google Home as well.

The feature is already live on the SmartPhones for users and to get started with it one will just have to:

  • Search via Google assistant or Google search engine for new episodes to listen or even look for fresh Podcasts having custom recommendations and that too according to your preference.”
  • Another added advantage of this feature is that you can easily add to your Android phone’s home screen for a shortcut to get quick access.
  • Apparently, if you’re not willing to install Podcast application on your Android phone, then what you can do is that listen and subscribe to a particular Podcast straight away from Google Search.
  • Apart from this, Google will sync your episodes and subscription across the device, i.e. you can pick up exactly from where you left the previous time, no matter if you have even changed your device.
  • Google’s podcast player also has essential playback functionality and a facility to download episodes for listening in offline mode.
  • And to add more, it also has a control system for those who want to speed through the shows.
  • While subscribing to podcasts, whatever shows up in a list can be easily trimmed whenever you feel like doing it.
  • If you haven’t finished up the episode previously, no problem!
  • You will always get an option to return back to the episodes you haven’t yet finished listening to.

Way back in  April 2016, Google had added a support for podcasts in “Google Play Music” streaming service, but this time, it looks as if the company has made podcasts for users to easily access and provide additional features to its Android users. And why not, users have given space to Google grow steadily in a couple of years and also the marketers who have considerably grown their ad spending to $220 million in 2017 from $69 million in 2015.

Well, what you can expect in future is that this feature may roll out in the standalone app that you could be downloading it from Google Play.


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