Avengers Infinity War Review
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Avengers Infinity war Review: A movie so massive

Marvels have always been leading the superhero universe by portraying all the characters with such detail that the superhero comes to life. MCU has always had a upper hand when it comes to Superhero flicks be it Iron Man, Thor or the new fan favourite Black Panther. Avengers Infinity war review, a movie so big that even the big screen feels smaller.

Infinity War

We have so far seen MCU superheroes save the day in 18 movies where they can be seen fighting the bad guys and getting back to the same old normal life. This is a great but an old plot for a superhero movies. This is where the DC universe has an edge over MCU which is they can let go of their superheroes. Finally Marvel has decided to put some twist in the plot as people have become so used to their Marvel superheroes always being safe. This time nobody is safe. Infinity war is hitting the screens this weekend and it’s going to be huge. But what makes the film huge is all Marvel Characters on stage together fighting the super villain Thanos. Thanos comes to earth in search of the Infinity stones and is shown fighting with every Avenger and Marvel superhero.

Infinity Stones

According to the Marvel storyline, infinity stones were formed as a result of Big Bang. These 6 stones are the pillars of existence of the world. Half of these stones are on Earth which have played a major role in the past MCU movies. Thanos is trying to achieve the ultimate power by possessing all these stones and ending the world as we know it.

The face off between Thanos( Josh Brolin) and the Avengers is highly entertaining with a plot which everybody will fall in love with. MCU has opened the Pandora’s Box and we have so many of our superheroes fighting side by side to save the world. This movie has the best one liners and is so funny at times that it will give you teary eyes. This movie shows even the most invulnerable and god like superheroes getting tossed and beaten up like they are nothing. This is something different which apparently the audience will definitely enjoy.

The curtain opens up with Thor and Loki on the ship as last seen in Thor: Ragnorak fighting Thanos. Thanos suspects that Loki has one of the infinity stones hidden in a Tesseract. 

Thanos has a golden glove where he is stashing these stones. As the movie progresses we can see him going through all superheroes. Iron Man, Spider Man and Dr. Strange can be seen protecting the Green Time stone which is housed inside the Eye of Aggamoto. The competition between Dr. Strange and Iron  Man for the title of the most arrogant superhero on planet by constantly playing foils on each other is hilarious. Pitting Starlord’s insecurity against Thor’s godlike masculinity is very funny.

Vision and  Scarlet Witch who have gone in to hiding can be seen fighting Thanos’s Minions. They are after the Mind stone which is attached to the brain of Vision. As the movie progresses Guardians of galaxy team jumps in along with a bearded Captain and Black Panther to fight Thanos’s Henchmen. Wakanda turns in to a war zone.

The writers Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely have justified the role of each and every superhero. They have made sure that no superhero is grander than the Thanos. The depth of work is evident from the fact that it doesn’t feel as if the individual characters in past movies  were written by different writers. The movie has given new arcs to each superhero story. Stories of Tony Stark, Starlord, Gamora, Vision and Scarlet Witch have particularly been given more focus.

Thanos can be seen ready to destroy half of the universe which according to him is a nobel thing to do. A little bit of back story about his life does give a logic which is very hard to reject. In his mind he is a hero and has to save the world.

Final moments of the film show that even the most powerful superheroes of Marvel universe are not safe. As the credits are shown people can be seen awestruck. Marvel has finally fallen to a dark side. Though nothing of this is surely going to be permanent, people will still be sad to see what happens.

Final review

The audience has grown with the movies, which means it’s heart wrenching to see their favourite superhero getting beaten up or weak. The movie is great and has given justification to every superhero character. The movie is so well written that it never feels too crowded with so many superheroes on the screen. The movie is hilariously funny and is the best the Marvel Universe has ever produced. The only downside of the movie is that we have to wait until 2019 to see the conclusion of the movie. Well 10/10 for Avengers.

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