Asaram the Self Made God Gets Life Imprisonment!
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Asaram the Self Made God Gets Life Imprisonment!

From building up an empire worth Rs. 10,000cr to getting a life imprisonment is what has been the journey for Asaram Bapu so far. Apparently, the tale of the self-made god ended today when a special court convicted him of raping a minor at his ashram. The court further punished Asaram for life imprisonment until death. The judge undertaking his case said: “Asaram has not only broken the faith of the complainant, but has spoiled the image of saints too”. The 16 year old rape victim had claimed in her complaint that Asaram called her on 15th August, 2013 in his Jodhpur ashram and raped her at the night. After this, the police filed a charge sheet against the convict including 4 others on 6th November 2013.

On 25th April 2018, Wednesday, Madhusudan Sharma, a special judge read out a judgment of 453-page in Jodhpur Central Jail where 77-year-old convict, Asaram has been locked up since his arrest that was made on September 1, 2013. Apart from him, the 2 other accused — Shilpi, hostel warden of Asaram’s gurukul, where the rape victim and her brother studied as well Sharad, the manager of the gurukul were claimed as convicted by the court and sentenced to 20 years of jail imprisonment.

Not only this, Asaram, throughout the years, when to extent and stabbed several witnesses that were associated with the two rape cases against out of which 3 died and others managed to survive. There is no doubt that this self-made god had built Rs. 10,000cr empire by building ties with powerful politicians of the country. How this boy hailing from a poor family achieved this point is indeed interesting.

In the start, Asaram’s initial stage was as humble as could think would have been.  Born in Berani village in Pakistan as Asumal Sirumalani, Asaram’s family moved to Ahmedabad during partition time. Later on, he had to drop his school after his father died and started doing odd jobs. Then finally his journey began as a saint when he started his “spiritual quest” towards the Himalayas and met Lilashah Bapur, who he claimed to be his guru. It was this guru who named him Asaram. There onwards beginning of his wrong deeds started happening.

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