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Are you in love ? Think again

Very often you hear people expressing their love to each other but what does it actually signify. The most common description for this four letter word is an overwhelming feeling of warmth towards someone, Its a feeling that ignites compassion deep within you and you feel a certain high, many people say that being in love is the best feeling there ever is.
But is it?

What is love?

The next time you are in love, take a deep breath and try and analyse whats happening to you. There could be a number of possibilities:
One, You are what people say ‘lucky in love’ and your special someone accepts and reciprocates your ‘love’. What then? Your life turns into a dream and you experience heaven on earth, all you want to do is be with that someone, talk to them, listen to their problems, solve them with whatever limited knowledge of life that you have. If all goes well, you will get married and probably start a family, years will fly by and your priorities will change, you will in majority of the cases not get that feeling of having butterflies in your stomach which you used to at the beginning of your relationship.

But that’s not too bad, you say, I have a loving family, its only natural my love will be shared among them.
Agreed, now lets move on to scenario number Two, you are stuck in a case of unrequited love, more commonly expressed as a ‘one sided affair’. This category in itself branches into two sub headings.

In the first, your special someone outrightly rejects your emotions and very bluntly tells you to move on and not waste their time. Hard to accept but very practical when you look at life from a long term perspective.
The second case, is when you are classified as ‘best friend’, ‘loving friend’, ‘caring friend’. This is a bittersweet experience which is often the most problematic, This is similar to being put on ‘HOLD’ by your dream company while you continue to see them hiring new recruits. This wound in your heart is similar to a wound in your flesh, its better to have it stitched while it still isn’t infected, the more you wait, the harder the recovery becomes.

This brings us to scenario number 3,
Betrayal, Heartbreak, Adultery. These are some of the words that are used to describe the situation that we are going to discuss next. How does one react when their perfect relation ends abruptly, what does one do when their ‘heaven on earth’ turns to ‘living hell’? We have all heard stories of people committing suicide or murder, agreed that these are a very slight minority but even the people who supposedly move on in life do not do so without some emotional scars.
What does one do then? Is it possible not to Love?
Possible, yes, feasible, no.

Let me introduce another type of love that I hope most of you have experienced, The Unconditional Love, the love that a parent has for his/her child. This is a feeling of complete surrender, of just giving and not expecting anything in return. This is one such scenario that inspires all the beautiful emotions in life, Hope and Faith are two such examples.
These days, science has an explanation for everything, it has linked the feeling of love with all sorts of chemicals in your brain and hormones in your body, but even so, I personally believe that there are some things that do not require an explanation and human emotions certainly make it to that list.

Most of my readers would probably be far more experienced in love and would dismiss this article as a juvenile effort in addressing things beyond my comprehension. But then who is perfect right and the best of discoveries happen when you least expect. So this is me discovering love.

I agree, and there is only one thing that I can say for sure
‘You can never be too careful when falling in Love’

Arnav Khagta
Procrastinating Soul, Chemical Engineer by profession, Dreamer by nature ;-)

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