Are exams necessary for students to excel?

Are exams necessary for students to excel?

Examination, as you all are familiar with is taken up just to evaluate students’ skills of learning. However, the word “examination” has become dreadful for both parents and children, as students are in fear that exams can either break or make their future and parents are afraid because they see their future in their child’s future. So, parents make sure to provide each facility so that their child becomes a successful person in life and children make sure to live up to the dreams of their parents.

But again the question arises that are exams really necessary?

The answer to this is very simple and its yes! You know why? Let’s get you know!

  1. Exams are important just because it helps a student to gain knowledge and improve their learning skills day by day. For anyone to succeed, it’s very important to acquire valuable skills so that he/she can develop more knowledge and skills within them.
  2. In order to explore the real world, it’s very important for a child to become competent enough so that he/she can deal with the outside world. As the competition is getting high day by day, one should be highly skilled so that he/she can clear whatever obstacles or competition comes their way.
  3. Also, examinations help a student know how much they know about themselves and what they like so that he/she can make his/her future in the respective field of their choice. Getting into the field of their choice is what will let them enjoy their work in future.

As the life of every individual has become highly complex these days, so exams are the only way that can decide where a persons’ career will head in the near future.  For example, nowadays, every student works hard to compete with lakhs of students to get through the competitive exams. So, if you are a person who has to appear in any examination that might be academic, competitive or interview exam, don’t forget to work hard before appearing for it, as exams can either help you fly high with your dreams or break your dreams of becoming a successful person.

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