April 15th And The Snowballing Gas Prices
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April 15th and the snowballing gas prices

Canadians take on the cRUDE people…eh!!

It seems that gas prices are still facing the aftermath of hurricane harvey, how much of this is true we will hopefully find out on April 15.

Its been 6 years since the last boycott of gas. But Canadians are trying to bring back the boycott to bring down the costs of keeping their tanks filled. It is believed that the last boycott cost the companies $3 billion and brought down the prices by 30 cents. Though there are no proofs of the above fact, Canadians still believe its worth a shot.

Since last year when the hurricane hit the price of gas has increased by almost 1/3rd of a dollar in most of the provinces which adds atleast 15 dollars to your tank. It was assumed that as the refineries will be back on, the prices will should decrease a little but i think the gas companies have a formula for prices, they would increase the price by 5 cents on one day and another decrease by 1 cent.

We can talk about it all we want, but lets see what happens.

The cool headed Candians have yet again found a peaceful way to say NO to  Crude people. I would say good going Canadians, its worth to test the waters and go ahead with the gasboycott maybe your summer will be easier this time.

Dipinder Kathuria
Poet in the body of an engineer. In Canada since 2015, right now working as a supply chain professional at a hospital. Travelled most of India, lived in the UK for some time. Lived in an engineering hostel for 2 years so have a lot of fun stories.

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