A Sperm Whale Washed Away on a Beach Found Having 64 Tons of Plastic in Its Stomach!

A Sperm Whale Washed Away on a Beach Found Having 64 Tons of Plastic in Its Stomach!

A sperm whale having 64 tons of waste and plastic in its stomach was found dead on the beach of Spain, a few days ago. Found lying on the Murcian coast of Florida made scientist curious to know what made the sperm whale die. Having ample of plastic, pieces of net, ropes and other waste lodged in its stomach was what made them later clear the reason behind its death.

The existence of plastic in oceans is one of the major threats to wildlife conversation globally, as many animals especially sea animals get trapped in the trash and consume a large number of plastics and other waste material, thus leading to death. After this incident took place, the discovery has impelled the authorities to run a campaign for cleaning up the beaches.

The necropsy result that was declared last week stated that the scientists founded some of the plastic and other items trapped in its stomach and intestines and this was what lead to the death of sperm whale. Officials have further claimed that the whale had died of abdominal infection and it was not able to digest the waste that it had swallowed, thus causing its digestive system to burst.

The officials are presently concerned not because sperm whale are endangered and had died of consuming plastic in its stomach, but just because they can see how and to what level of waste materials are dumped in the oceans and no one is aware of that.

As per reports, oceans are estimated to have around 150 million tons of plastic being floating in the oceans and this is one of the biggest concerns of this times. Another report that released last month stated that 70% of sea waste is found to be non-degradable plastic and its figure is most likely to triple within a decade.

So, the Murcia’s new campaign will create 11 events for cleaning up the beaches. A spokesperson for environmental department further stated that it will be taking assistance and using funds from EU to run the campaign.

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